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The Belgian Story  (Beaujolais, les Créateurs/ édition Jaques André)

Some choose a peaceful retirement in sunny places; others near a fireplace in a cosy cottage. There are finally those who decide to take part in a new adventure. And this was the choice made by Jean Joly, coming from Liège, who got completely hooked on the Château de Durette. More a rekindling of passion than really love at first sight. In 1964 he went on honeymoon with his wife Françoise in Saint Amour. It’s a kind of revelation for the couple who discovers the vineyard on this occasion. He came back with in his luggage a quarter barrel of the beverage and some friendship ties. Forty two years later, he invested in a domain on the banks of the river Ardières, a big house pompously called castle. « I was looking for a certain standing, I immediately saw the potential of this house». Surprisingly enough it came out that a part of this building was called « house of Belgians» because it had sheltered refugees from Outre Quiévrain during the First World War.

The man managed the basketball club of his hometown for 20 twenty years and le dit to the European Cup. He surely used here his “winner” mentality. He tripled the surface of the domain, enriched it with the most prestigious vineyards; took good care of the wine production with the help of some very reliable oenologists; and started to conquer the export markets. With enthusiasm but no naivety. « The image of the Beaujolais is not bound to be good. It has to be tasted untiringly to trigger something in the mind of private individuals as well as professionals. ». These difficulties don’t harm his enthusiasm at all. « This domain is a dream, that I would nevertheles transform into a viable and sustainable project. ». The culture of a company leader is still very much present here as well as a communicative determination. One of his Belgian friend has just followed his steps in the region of Pizay…