The Vinification

The vats were built for the 2007 wine harvest, a few meters away from the castle.

Easily reached and on one floor, we convert there the grapes hand-harvested by our grape-pickers into wine.

It has 9 stainless steel thermo-regulated vats, each one has a capacity of 107 Hl , and allowing a precise control of the temperature during the wine-making process. The older concrete vats (material allowing a good thermic insulation of wine) have been completely tiled inside and also painted anew.
So we have the two wine productions face to face.

These installations have been completed by an entirely new and fully automated pneumatic press.
This equipment allows us to produce high quality wine, constantly and for a long time.

Each vintage is converted into wine following the criteria defined by our own will to make high quality wine. We pay careful attention to respect the identity of each appellation and of its soil.